The Time Inbetween…

The month of May turned out to be an interesting one for the Hopsters. As we finished our Spring semester May 1st, we prepared to return to the U.S. for Matt’s ordination in the Anaheim District. As with most international flights, we found ourselves in Miami for eight hours on a layover. This would prove to be challenging and the weeks that followed would be greatly changed.

About a week after our arrival in Virginia, Matt started feeling unwell. Doing the correct thing before their flight to California, the Hopsters went to get tested for Covid-19. Both tested positive and were therefore unable to attend Matt’s ordination in Southern California. We appreciated so many messages of well-being and prayers from all of you! Our friends even sent us some new Angles hats to sport here in Ecuador!

Thankfully, with the help of lots of rest and medicine the Hopsters began feeling better. And though we were not able to go to ordination, we were able to receive our second dose of Covid-19 vaccination. Through lots of prayer, conversations with our leadership and the work of the Lord himself we were able to return to Quito May 29th!

We covet your prayers throughout this semester as well. These five students who will only be here another six weeks, and we ask that you pray for educational and spiritual growth during their time here in Ecuador! We also ask for prayers as Matt is working on a solution with another district for ordination. Thank you all so much for partnering with us!

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  1. Wow, I had not heard this info! I assumed you were at the Ordination although I must admit I did not see you in any pictures! Should have been my clue! Glad you are well, vaccinated and back in Ecuador.. God’s blessings and safe keeping as you continue your work.

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