Big Week(end) Ahead

Moving Day!

As we visited family for Thanksgiving (safely), we are now preparing to leave our apartment this weekend! So many emotions as we leave our favorite apartment we have ever lived in! This is the area where we met, began dating, and returned to when we thought our lives were settling down (little did we know)!

As we move out of our apartment, we will next move our belongings into storage, visit a few more relatives and prepare for the eventual departure to Quito, Ecuador! We are so excited, yet covet your prayers as goodbyes are going to be harder and harder. 

We will be speaking at Hopewell First Church of the Nazarene on Sun, Dec. 11 in their morning service. This service will be special as this is the church where Andréa’s father, Rev. David Woods, is the senior pastor! 

“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.”

–George Bernard Shaw


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