Transitions all around…

Moving towards the Mountains

These past two weeks we have been able to spend quality time with family. Last week we spent time with Matt’s family in Las Vegas and now we find ourselves in Virginia with AndrĂ©a’s family. We were able to share our story at Hopewell First Nazarene here in Virginia, and are now spending the holidays here resting, preparing and enjoying time with loved ones.

As we continue to move forward with each step, we are reminded by ourselves, family and God that we are that much closer to our assignment in Quito, Ecuador. We have shared tears with friends, mentors and eventually will have more in store for our church family; though unsure how we will see them. This is a part of the process of following God’s call and the excitement that comes with it,  and yet we will miss the countless friendships and life long relationships our current ministries have allowed us in. We love you all and are praying that you will receive the hope of Christ this advent season! Merry Christmas and God Bless! 


One thought on “Transitions all around…

  1. Praying for you. Do you have any date yet up when you will be able to leave? It is not looking too promising about going to Romania for me anytime soon. Please keep me in prayer also. Funds are there and I’m ready to go it’s just that their numbers keep going up and Europe has not opened its doors.

    Have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.


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