Heaven on Earth!

This past week we had the incredible experience of a lifetime! We had the opportunity to visit the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador. We traveled to Santa Cruz (most populated island) with Pastora Lucy and the students in the NILI program. It was truly breathtaking, incredible, and hard to put into words the beauty of God’s creation! We have a few pictures below but are hoping to make a video of the experience that we will share later (including swimming with a sea lion)!
Not only did we experience heaven on earth in this wonderful place, we also have experienced more outpouring of the Holy Spirit this week. Though our churches here in Quito continue meeting virtually due to Covid-19, our local church (Iglesia del Nazareno Carcelén) had a special baptism service on the seminary campus on March 13th. It was a wonderful time celebrating four people in the church who have been patiently awaiting their next step in faith. However, we did not expect to have one of our NILI students ask to be baptized as well! What an amazing God we serve!
We have quite a few prayer requests this week! Please pray for our travel arrangements for an upcoming short trip back to the United States, as Matt will be getting ordained May 14th in the Anaheim District (YouTube broadcast link later). Please continue to pray for Matt as he drives more in this new location. We also ask that you would pray for our students here to finish the semester strong, as they are in the midst of a typical college semester while living in another country! We also seek prayer for our upcoming summer semester, as Andréa is continuing to work with them as they prepare for eight weeks in Quito, Ecuador with the Nazarene Institute of Language Immersion! Thank you for partnering with us in our journey serving God and others!


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  1. Wow!! It was breathtaking!! I’m so happy for you guys, knowing your hearts and what you are doing. Love you both lots!!❤️

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