Love for Ecuador!

“We rest on Thee, our Shield and our Defender:
  Thine is the battle, Thine shall be the praise
When reigning in the Kingdom of Thy splendor;
  Victors, we rest with Thee, through endless days.”

Hymn sung “At Any Cost”

Love for Ecuador!

This past Sunday, the Hopsters had the opportunity to speak at Guidestone Church in the morning and at their Campfire Service. What an invitation it was to speak about our love for Ecuador, as it was clear that God was increasing Guidestone’s love for the country! The love for Ecuador was sparked by the Guidestone Youth recorded production of “At Any Cost.”

We have such a close relationship with this church! I (Matt) worked with Senior Pastor Doug Gunsalus with the Anaheim District NYI (ADNYI) and Andréa has worked with the Sullins family on the district NMI council. We really enjoyed sharing with our dear friends and look forward to our partnership with them!

Up next for the Hopsters, we are speaking Sun. Oct 4th at Lighthouse Church of the Nazarene Costa Mesa. The service will be livestreamed on Facebook at 9:00 a.m. Pacific! If you would like us to speak at your church, please contact us! God Bless!

Guidestone Service!


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