Hopsters at 9,000 feet


Denver Union Station

Elevation Training!

Hopstersat9,000feet was going to originally be the name of this site! Moving from the coast of Southern California to the elevation of Quito, Ecuador is going to take some time and effort! So we chose to spend Labor Day weekend at elevation, and the Mile High City is where we went! Denver does not have the height of Quito, yet it would give us an opportunity to see how we can handle elevation, at least a little. We also took a tour to the Rocky Mountain National Park, so we could stand atop a peak at 11,900 feet! Check out the link to our new YouTube channel for a short video on the peak! Also feel free to comment on ways you have overcome altitude changes in vacations/where you live!

Hops2Hope YouTube

Sunny Pic on a Hike!
Entering the National Park!

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